Instrumental Music Performance - Individual: CARE Jingle

Project Description
In this assignment the students were asked to experience what it was like to be a commercial jingle writer. So we needed a rubric that would guide us on important things our jingle had to include, like Pitch, Rhythm, etc. The rubric was created collaboratively. After the groups created their jingle on paper following the guidelines of the rubric, they transferred it onto a computer program and printed their jingle. We used a music software called Freestyle. The students played and sang their jingles for the rest of the class and had to use the rubric to evaluate their classmates.

Rubric Information
Rubric Title Commercial Jingles
Rubric ID 241106
Teacher Name Yvette Schubert
School Roosevelt Elementary
Subject Fine Arts
Grade 4-6

Project Includes

NA.5-8.1: Singing, Alone And With Others, A Varied Repertoire of Music
NA.5-8.2: Performing on Instruments, Alone And With Others, A Varied Repertoire of Music
NA.5-8.4: Composing And Arranging Music Within Specified Guidelines
NA.5-8.5: Reading And Notating Music
NA.5-8.7: Evaluating Music And Music Performances

Teacher Tips Making a rubric showed the students that creating guidelines themselves is more difficult than they anticipated.

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