Making A Game: Brain Builder Box

Project Description
Students select a theme (ex: ocean, outer space, sports, dogs, holidays, insects, letters, flowers, chocolate) and create an enrichment box for preschool children by gathering ten different stimulating objects. They must include items that encourage a child’s growth in these areas of development: physical, emotional, social, intellectual, art, music, and dramatic play. Students then implement the box with the preschoolers that attend the Play and Discover Preschool (High School Child Development Laboratory). At the conclusion of the project, the students evaluate the box according to the interaction with the preschoolers.

Rubric Information
Rubric Title Brain Builder Box
Rubric ID 1335099
Teacher Name Andrea Holtry
School Middletown Area High School
Subject Family and Consumer Science
Grade 9-10

Project Includes

Standards Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences
11.4.9A. Analyze physical, intellectual and social/emotional development in relation to theories of child development.
11.4.12.A. Analyze current research on existing theories in child development and its impact on parenting.

Teacher Tips The project was assigned to individual students, although it could easily be modified for a group project. In the Child Development unit, the students have been learning about the brain development of young children, and how stimulation, nurturance, encouragement and positive discipline actually help young children's brains grow and develop. They completed a vocabulary matrix using the stages of development, infant, toddler, preschooler, school-age and adolescent with the preceding vocabulary words, read about research on brain development and then shared results in a jigsaw activity. The rubric and project were extremely successful, mainly because the students could plan, implement and assess the project. I would add a category on the rubric to evaluate the students' assessment of the project. I have used RubiStar many times to create performance assessments. I’m thankful for this resource.

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