Biomes Assignment and Rubric

Define biome:

List the different biomes of the world:

Make your foldable:

Fold a piece of notebook paper in half both ways. Write back on the back to remind yourself not to write anything else back there (this is where the paper will be glued into the packet). Write biome at the top of the front page.

Open one fold and label the 2 sections (a section ends at the fold) as follows:

Plants Animals

Open one more fold to a full piece of paper and label the 4 sections as follows:

Climate Location

Other Information Other continued


Work in a group to learn as much as you can about your assigned biome. After you have read all of the resources about your biome, decide as a group what to write in your foldable and complete your own foldable with the information about: plants, animals, climate, location, and other interesting facts.

Day 2: Share your information about your foldable with other students in a new group. Make sure you share all of the information in your foldable. Each student will take notes on a different foldable. Each student will have one foldable per biome for a total of 6 biomes/foldables.

Organize your foldables into a packet titled: “Biomes around the world.”

Use two pieces of construction paper for the front and back cover. On the front cover, write the title and your name. Inside the two covers, glue all 6 biome foldables, making sure the back side is the glued side.

On the back cover of the packet, paste a map of the world and label the areas in which the different biomes are found.

Scoring Rubric

You will be graded based on the following criteria:

Exceeds Expectations
Meets Expectations
Biome foldables
All 6 biomes have a complete, accurate foldable with numerous examples in each category. Foldables are decorated with images depicting the biome. Appearance is consistent throughout.All 6 biomes have a complete foldable with multiple examples in each category: animals, plants, climate, location, other. Foldables are easy to read and are fixed to the packet in an orderly fashionSome biomes have a foldable, some examples are given, some categories are blank
Cover and map
Front decorated neatly and accurately, world map colored, labeled, and with key with biomes in accurate locationsFront decorated neatly, world map colored and labeled with biomes in correct locationsFront has title, world map has labels, although labels are not in appropriate locations

You may want to visit these websites to find information about your biome:

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