English 10B Biography Report

Your Biography/Autobiography report is due on ______________________________.

On the due date, please be prepared to give an oral presentation of your book. The presentation will be graded on the following:

1. The presentation must be at least 3 minutes long, but no more than 7 minutes.
2. The presenter should speak slowly and clearly.
3. The presenter should bring his/her book to hold during the presentation.
4. The presenter must cover the list of topics given on the back of this sheet.
5. The presentation should be read from note cards, not this worksheet.
6. The presenter will turn in the note cards after the speech.
7. The presenter should rehearse the speech beforehand and should be prepared to present when his/her name is drawn.

** For extra credit (5 points), bring in a gimmick that fits with your presentation. This can be an object that relates to or represents your person, an outfit, or food that has to do with your book. Example: If your book is about an athlete, wear a jersey or bring in equipment from that sport.

To accompany your presentation, create one of the following visual aides:

1. A timeline with events from your person’s life, as well as pictures to represent or illustrate these events.

2. A poster with a picture of your person (that you drew or found somewhere) and dates of birth and death. Also include a quote from this person that is notable or that highlights an important aspect of the person’s life or ideals.

3. A mobile that features objects or symbols that represent important events or ideas from the book.

4. A collage of pictures that represent important events or ideas from the book.

5. Other (get your idea approved by me).

Book Talk Presentation Form

Name _____________________________

Presentation Scores (50 points total)

1. Book Information (5 points)





2. Plot Summary – From beginning to end (10 points)

3. Part you enjoyed (10 points) Explain in detail!

4. Lesson the reader learns from this person’s life story (10 points) Explain in detail!

5. Recommendation (5 points)

6. Visual Aide (10 points)

7. Gimmick (5 points extra credit)

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