Beebot Online

Bee-Bot is a simple game for very young children to start to understand programming. Although geared toward children younger than Middle and High School, Bee-Bot can be used as a visual example to explain and practice decomposition.  The goal in the Bee-Bot game is to move the bee from its starting point to the flower by inputting instructions using the arrow keys. The Bee-Bot only performs one instruction at a time, but can remember and perform a series of many.  As the student adds steps, they are listed across the top of the screen--a decomposition of their larger set of instructions. When they click “go” the steps are highlighted as they are performed, allowing students to see where they may have made a mistake. At this point in the course this allow students to play with this game through trial and error. Point out how it keeps track of steps and how this is an example of decomposition of the problem. Students will likely find the first few levels easy and learn how the program works and then, since the complexity of the route increases by level, they will be challenged and likely find the decomposed steps to be very useful.



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