Students will use a graph to plan the pattern for their wall hanging. Then they will use beads with a dowel tied to each end to complete the pattern.


Lasting Ideas & Results:

Students will understand how graphing is not only used in math, but also in art.


Essential Question(s):

How can I use a graph to plan and execute a beaded wall hanging?


Desired Learner Outcomes:

Students will be able to...
Students will know...
Create a pattern on graph paper for a beaded wall hanging.How to transfer a grafted pattern into beads on a wall hanging.
String the beads in the pattern they created to make a wall hanging.


Creation & Performance: 2.1, 2.2, Elements & Principles: 3.1, 3.2

Daily Engagement Activities:

Lesson Number Lesson Day
Description of Activities
Day 1MondayCreate a pattern on graph paper.
Day 2Tuesday Start transfering the design from the graph paper to beads on the wall hanging.
Day 3 Wednesday Continue beading.
Day 4 Thursday Continue beading.
Day 5 Friday Continue beading.
Day 6 Monday Complete beading.
Day 7TuesdayAdd a hanger.

Summative Assessment(s):

Describe Performance Tasks
Explain &/or Reference Criteria
Layout of design on graph paper.Complexity of design, craftmanship and creativity.
Creation of beaded wall hanging.Execution of design, craftmanship and creativity.


Pre-Requisite Knowledge & Skills:

Students should have experience using and making graphs from math class.


  1. Students will get a paper with a graph of 11x19 squares. They will be given colored pencils in the colors of beads that are available to use. They will color in each square creating a pattern out of color. Each colored block represents one colored bead.
  2. Next they will get two dowels. On one dowel they will tie 11 strings in a row. They will start beading according to the pattern they designs, so row one on their graph will be beaded on the first string and should have 19 beads.
  3. Students will carefully bead all 11 rows making sure each string has 19 beads.
  4. As they finish one row, they will tie the end onto the second dowel leaving a tassel hanging.
  5. After all the beading is completed students can create a hanger out of string and beads.


  • Graph paper with 11x19 rows
  • Thin, strong string
  • Pony beads (same size)
  • Small 6" dowels (2 per student)
  • Scissors

Modifications, Adaptations, & Accommodations:

Students at lower grade levels can make wall hangings with fewer rows and columns and bigger beads to make them easier.


  • Drill it into the students heads to COUNT THE NUMBER OF BEADS in each column BEFORE tying it to make sure they have the correct number of beads.
  • This project took a while, if you want it to go quicker, make shorter rows and columns.
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