Introduction: (Jessica Smith and Emily Robertson)

Budgeting is an important aspect of personal financial planning and financial literacy. There are numerous tools on the internet that can be used to supplement a lesson on budgeting

Group Size: Whole class

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this lesson, students will be able to create a basic monthly budget for:
a. Their current needs
b. Their needs upon graduation

Guiding Question:

How does creating a budget help you manage and save money?




1. Begin the lesson by explaining to the students what budgeting is
2. Proceed into a discussion/lecture that discusses why budgeting is important
3. Explain to the students what a basic budget looks like and show them examples of budgeting worksheets
4. Allow students to go on the computers to browse through selected websites to visually learn more about budgeting

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5. Explain to the students how they can begin to create a basic budget of their own by having them go on the computers and familiarizing themselves with an educational website that has a budgeting sheet geared towards a high school student
6. Once students familiarize themselves with what budgeting is and what a basic budgeting sheet looks like, they will create their own using the website. They will create one for their current financial situation and one for their future as an independent adult or student.
7. Explain the directions and criteria for the short presentation and paper that students will be responsible for doing

Students will share with the class what they spend the most money on and how they plan to pay for their future needs (assuming there will be higher costs and less parental support)
Students will also write a short paper/essay about their future financial goals regarding budgeting and how they plan to stick to their budget.

Benchmark or Standards:

MA.912.F.4.1: Develop personal budgets that fit within various income brackets.

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