What we choose to do or not do or even eat has a tremendous impact on our health. The impact is so great that it can cause, contribute to or worsen a health condition. It is important for students to understand that the decisions that they make now may not be problematic next week, but they can cause serious problems in the future. Many health conditions are influenced by genetics. If your mother has high blood pressure, you are at a higher risk for having it. Therefore, controlling your diet, exercising and refraining from using tobacco products now may prevent the problem. Students often do not talk about these issues with their families. They do not know that someone in there family has a health condition. If they do know, they are often not educated about its causes, symptoms and affects on a person’s life. This lesson is meant to help children learn about their family health histories. It will provide them with the opportunity to research a disease that has affected their family and/or is a disease that they may be at risk for. They will see how nutrition, lack of physical activity, and using tobacco impacts this disease and they will discuss what a person can do to be healthy. They will also create a healthy dish based on the knowledge they’ve learned in previous nutrition lessons.

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