Fruits and vegetables are a very important part of maintaining health. Without proper intake of fruits and vegetables, people lack essential nutrients that help with normal body function. Many people know that fruits and vegetables are healthy, but they do not know why. There are a variety of reasons why people do not eat fruits and vegetables. One of the main reasons is that they do not have access to fruits and vegetables. Another barrier might be that they were never exposed to a variety of fruits and vegetables and therefore never developed a like for their taste. This exercise is to familiarize children with the tastes and names of fruits and vegetables. The goal is for children to find out what a fruit or vegetable is through scientific inquiry. By gaining an appreciation for a fruit or vegetable’s taste, students will hopefully begin to eat a wider variety of fruits and vegetables. In addition, students will understand how fruits and vegetables benefit them and how to get a variety of fruits and vegetables in their diet by eating different colored vegetables.

Note: This lesson requires a lot of materials and preparation. An alternative activity is provided if you are unable to use the Fruit and Vegetable Line-Up activity.

**Very Important: The activity in this lesson includes tasting fruits and vegetables. It is necessary to pay very close attention to any food allergies that your students may have.**

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