A community’s health status can be determined in part by the physical community itself. A community can be a group of people with something in common or people who share a common interest. For the purpose of this lesson, a community will be defined as the city or area in which we live. Depending on where your program is taking place, your students might be at an advantage because of their community. There may be several large, clean supermarkets nearby or plenty of places to be physically active (parks, fields, sidewalks, recreation centers, etc.). Other students may only have access to convenient stores, fast food restaurants or other facilities that are less likely to provide foods that are high in nutritional value. The basic understanding should be that no community is perfect, yet every community has something to offer.

Another reason for this lesson is to encourage students to find out where they can buy and eat healthy foods and be physically active. As the lessons in this program progress, they will learn much more about the importance of nutrition, physical activity and not using tobacco or exposing themselves to secondhand smoke. You may want to familiarize yourself with the neighborhood before presenting this lesson. Have a good idea where kids can be physically active and what their sources of food are.

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