Bill of Rights

This lesson, which includes a pre-lesson and several post-lesson ideas, is intended to be used in conjunction with the National Constitution Center’s Bill of Rights show. Together, they provide students with first-hand experience about one of our nation’s most important documents. In this lesson, students begin by learning about the specific rights and freedoms protected by the Bill of Rights. In order to understand the preamble and ten amendments clearly, they also work in small groups to “translate” the Bill of Rights into student-friendly language. Finally, students begin making connections between the ten amendments and real-life scenarios through playing Bill of Rights Bingo. After the NCC program, which provides students with an overview of the Bill of Rights, its history, and its modern-day
relevance, students return to the classroom to participate in one of two follow-up activities. In the first activity, students search through newspaper, magazine and online articles to find examples of news events that show the ten amendments in action. In the second activity, students write and ratify a Bill of Rights for their classroom. Designed for students in grade 6-8, this lesson takes approximately five or six class periods from beginning to end.


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