Bagel Business Basics is a unit designed to teach basic entrepreneurship and economic concepts. There are some exercises in creative problem solving as well. This unit uses the children’s book, Mr. Belinsky’s Bagels as a point of reference.

The lessons, though, are appropriate for learners of all ages; and some of the lessons can stand alone. The bibliography suggests other children’s books which can be used with these lessons or for additional lessons

The activity supports the Entrepreneurship Content Standards/Performance Indicators as follows: A.04 Determine opportunities for venture creations, A.06 Describe idea-generation methods, A.07 Generate venture ideas, A.16 Use components of a business plan to define venture ideas, B.09 Enlist others in working toward a shared vision, C.01 Explain the role of business in society, C.04 Explain opportunities for creating added value, D.17 Follow directions, D.26 Participate as a team member, F.01 Distinguish between economic goods and services, F.03 Explain the concept of scarcity, F.05 Describe the nature of economics and economic activities, F.07 Explain the principles of supply and demand, F.23 Assess factors affecting a business profit, F.25 Explain the concept of competition, I.22 Establish financial goals and objectives, L.02 Generate product/service ideas, L.05 Determine initial feasibility of product/service ideas, L.13 Describe the role of situation analysis in the marketing-planning process, L.26 Develop promotional plan for a business, M.01 Plan business layout, O.08 Develop action plans

This resource is part of the Entrepreneurship Learning Activities collection.

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