What is the place called that a lot of people go to in the summer, that's on the coast line, that has a lot of sand you can build castles with, can lay out and soak up the rays, can play volleyball, or go swimming in the big ocean when it gets hot? THE BEACH! That favorite spot to go to in the summer needs YOUR help this year, otherwise there might not be too much of it left to go to anymore. With all of the new types of pollution and litter in the world, the beaches are suffering. Water is now becoming contaminated with oils and trash, the beaches are filled with everyone's waste, there is more beach erosion and less beach space, and many other reasons why within the ocean itself. The beach and the ocean cannot do all of this work alone, so this year, they are looking for a helping hand!

Group Size: Small groups

Learning Objectives:

Using the Internet, you will be exploring and identifying why the oceans and beaches are in trouble. There will be two end products. One of the final tasks is to design a poster in order to increase awareness for the beaches. This poster must include things such as what beach needs help and why, at least two things someone can personally do to help, an image of that beach. All of the words should be spelled correctly, the font should be at least size 18, and you must also use at least two different fonts, sizes, and colors. Your group will then need to come up with a persuasive message to the town in a proposal. You should be telling the town what beach needs help and why, a plan of action including at least three different ideas/events of what you could do to help as well as asking for their support, how many people will need to help to make it successful, along with asking for any funding you estimate that you will need. During both of these tasks, the group will split up the work equally to combine each section to make one final project.


The students will need access to a few things in order to complete this web quest to the best of their ability. To begin with, each group will need its own computer (or multiple if available), Internet, and the address for the web quest. A folder for each student on the computers would be a good idea so they can save any work they need to go back to on there. Once they are in the web quest assignment, they will need the links provided in order to look up information to not only use in their project but to stimulate higher order thinking. The links provided are:


Dangerous Debris

Ocean Planet - Threats

10 Things You Can Do to Save Our Oceans

Bad Sports & Tourist Traps

Hawaii - Preserve Our Beaches

America's Most Polluted Beaches (Forbes)

or you can go to the sites using their URLs:

In addition to the websites, the students will also need different materials. For the poster, they will need a printer to print out images or words, markers, a posterboard, and glue or tape to put it all together. For the proposal, they will also need a printer to print out the letter and pens to sign it at the end. This lesson can be done with one teacher in the room, but if there is more it might be more beneficial, depending how many groups are in the room. The more teachers, the more support a group can receive, but it is not impossible for one teacher to handle the whole project. This is an in-class assignment, so none of it should be brought home unless a student wants to continue to work on it at night on their own time. Since it is a group project, the group will have to make final decisions about the final product about both the proposal and the poster. Each student will have equal amounts of work to do and the project will be a result of it coming together as a whole.



  1. Chose a group of four people that you will work well with. Everyone is responsible for helping each other throughout the project.
2. Once on the computers, go to the page that has the web quest that needs to be completed. 3. After reading the introduction and the tasks, go to the evaluation page to see exactly what you are going to be graded on. 4. As a group decision, figure out what beach you want to focus on and do the project around first. 5. Make a folder on the computer as well as a real folder in order to save your work and keep it in exactly one place. 6.. Split up the work that needs to be done evenly (ex. someone look up why the beach needs preserving, someone look up tips to tell people, etc.). Remember that you ALL are recorders and researchers no matter what exact job you are assigned. 7. In order to find the information you will be using these websites: 8. Before you start to work on either the poster or the proposal, as a group take out a piece of paper and brainstorm a list of ideas you want to do. Use everyone's information to come up with one final product. 9. Make the poster. The poster should include what beach your group picked to need help and why, at least two things someone can personally do to help and make a difference, and an image of that beach. There should be at least two different fonts used, at size 18 or larger, and two different colors as well. All of the words should be spelled correctly and all of your names should be written on the back to receive credit. 10. As a group, write the proposal to the town the beach is located in. The proposal should include why you feel the beach needs help, an estimated amount of money you feel as if would be reasonable for funding, how many people will need to help make it successful, and at least three different ideas/events of what you would do to try and help the beach. This should be written in a letter format with correct grammar usage with all of your names signed at the end.

    1. When your group is content with the final products hand in the two parts of the project on the date assigned. If you finish early and would like to hand it in then, that is fine as well.



Attached are the rubrics for both the poster and the proposal. Your work will be evaluated based on a "2,1,0" point scale. If the information is there and completed to the optimal level, then your group will receive the most amount of points for it. If part of a piece is missing or not fully completed, partial credit will be given. If the information is missing or is not relevant to the information, no points will be assigned. There is also a section of "yes or no"- which is simply how it sounds. If the information is there, there will be credit awarded, 2 points. If not, there will be no points assigned. This is a group grade so make sure everyone is okay with the final product before turning it in. Help each other out as much as you can, help each other's weaknesses by pulling out their strengths. If there is a serious problem with equal parts within the group that is to be turned in to me at that exact time and I will handle it based on the situation. See me if you need any help. Good luck!

Benchmark or Standards:

PA.ENV.4.3.4.B Identify how human actions affect environmental health. PA.ENV.4.3.4.B.1 >--- Identify pollutants. PA.ENV.4.3.4.B.2 >--- Identify sources of pollution. PA.ENV.4.3.4.B.3 >--- Identify litter and its effect on the environment. PA.ENV.4.3.4.B.4 >--- Describe how people can reduce pollution.


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