Astrobiology: Life in Extreme Environments


  1. General Information
  2. Genomic Resources
  3. Thermophilic life)
  4. Endolithic organisms
  5. Bacteria in Amber
  6. Dry (Xerophytic) organisms
  7. Radiation Tolerance
  8. Deep & Dark Dwelling Organisms
  9. Life at Varied Pressures
  10. Halophilic Organisms
  11. Research Agencies
  12. The Domain Archaea
  13. Deep Ocean Thermal Vents
  14. Research Agencies
  15. Books we recommend

This resource is part of the Biology Links for One Laptop Per Child course which contains units on Exploring Life; The Cell; Genetics; Mechanisms of Evolution; The Evolutionary History of Biological Diversity; Plant Form and Function; Animal Form and Function; Ecology; and Astrobiology.

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