Vitamin C Group Lab Sheets

pH Student Lab Sheets


Journal Entry:

Have students write a one page summary about each activity in their journal.

Sponge Bobby:

Understanding that the water evaporated leaving Sponge-Bobby dry, have the students relate the experiment to the human experience. Focus on the specific questions. Do humans lose water? How do they lose water? How will humans feel if they become dehydrated and how can humans replenish themselves or prevent dehydration?

Vitamin C Experiment

Why was it important to keep conditions constant in the experiment, for example using the same amount of water for each Vitamin C Test Cup Solution?

pH Level of Pop Experiment:

Now that students are able to understand that what you drink affects your health, have students answer the following questions. How has your previous understanding been changed about the definition of a healthy lifestyle? How will you teach others about the importance of drinking healthy beverages?

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