Breakfast Food Consumer Report

Students will choose a breakfast food to research. They will then design and write a consumer bulletin based on their findings. Suggested products/foods for this assignment include:

Cereal + milk (must choose a specific one) Oatmeal

Pancakes (with syrup) Waffles (with syrup)

Pop Tart Toaster Strudel

Biscuits Doughnuts

Eggs Bacon

Sausage Bagels

English muffin Breakfast bar (Nutrigrain, etc)

The report should answer the following questions:

  1. What are the ingredients? (List them in order)
  2. What is the sugar content? (This will be stated in grams on the nutritional label and the symbol for grams is g)
  3. What is the fiber content? (Also listed on the nutrition label in grams)
  4. Does the food have any vitamins? Which ones? What percent (%) of the daily value does that food provide?)
  5. How much is one serving?
  6. Any other important health information that would be important for consumers.

After answering these questions, make a recommendation for consumers. Is eating this food a good way to start the day? Use the following grid to determine whether or not you should recommend the food:


Answer: YES

Answer: NO

Is sugar (or high fructose corn syrup) one of the 3 main ingredients?

+ 0

+ 1

Does it contain at least 3 grams of fiber?

+ 1

+ 0

Does it contain at least 3 essential vitamins? (Example: A, C, D)

+ 1

+ 0

Does it contain at least one of the two: calcium or protein?

+ 1

+ 0

If your food got 3+ points, you should recommend the food.

If your food got 2 points or less, you should NOT recommend the food.

Along with your recommendation, please include the following:

•Is this food by itself a complete breakfast? Explain. What could be added to it to make it healthier?

•Decide whether this breakfast item would be good to have before school or whether it would be better for the weekend. Consider:

-The time it takes to make the food.

-Sugar content. Foods with a lot of sugar might be better on the weekend because you have more time to be active on the weekends.

•If you have tried the food, rate its taste. (Give it the thumbs up or thumbs down)

Presenting your research: Create one of the following:




•News cast

•TV advertisement

Make sure your report includes your information sources and a copy of the nutrition label.

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