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Free arts & music videos on BrainPOP (no trial or subscription needed to watch):



Melody & Harmony

And just to give you an idea of how vast the BrainPOP video library is, here is a list of all titles available to watch with a free trial or subscription (as of March 2008). Or, check out some of the arts & music titles below:

BrainPOP: '60s Folk, Analog & Digital Recording, Architecture, Blues, Brass Instruments, Cameras, Color, Cubism, Dance, Digital Animation (See how a BrainPOP movie gets made!), Drama, Drawing, Elvis Presley, Filmmaking, Frida Kahlo, Graphic Design, Harlem Renaissance, Imagination, Impressionism, Jazz, Leonardo da Vinci, Louis Armstrong, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Melody and Harmony, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Musical Scales, Percussion, Photography, Portraits, Reading Music, Scale Drawing, Strings, Surrealism, Traditional Animation, Vocals, Woodwinds

BrainPOP Jr.: (none yet)

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