This is an introductory lesson, images and follow-up work to the Unit: A Tour of the Universe. The lesson includes information about the geocentric model of the universe proposed by Aristotle, the "problem" of retrograde motion, and the attempt to maintain the accuracy of the geocentric model by the use of epicycles.

This lesson includes an introduction to the geocentric models of the universe proposed by Aristotle and Ptolemy. It also introduces the "problem" of retrograde motion of inner planets and how scientists sought to explain retrograde motion pre-heliocentric model.
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Mars Retrograde

by Meredith Beaton
This is an article from NASA on the retrograde motion of Mars in 2003 and 2005.
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This folder contains all of the images used in the "Aristotle and Ptolemy" lesson. Additionally, each image contains the source and copyright information in the "Description" section.
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