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Curriculum for Applied Regents Chemistry written by Daniel Cohen, Barbara Fogel and Brian Luca. Goal: Massapequa High School is now offering a course in Applied Regents Chemistry. Students enrolled in this course are required to take the Regents exam in June. Students are also required to complete a minimum of thirty (30) lab hours as the lab requirement necessary to be eligible to sit for the Regents exam.

The Applied Regents Chemistry course will focus more on application and theory as compared to the currently offered Regents Chemistry course. Each area of study will begin with a discussion of a real world application related to the topic. Each area of study, in the Applied Regents Chemistry course, will be the same as that of the Regents Chemistry course and will be taught in the same order. A major difference will be that information which is not tested on the Regents exam will not be stressed in the Applied Chemistry course. Also, the level of difficulty will be less rigorous than in the Regents Chemistry course. The labs performed for each area of study will be the same or similar to those of the Regents Chemistry course differing mainly in scope of the lab report and difficulty of the lab conclusion questions.

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