Their Eyes Were Watching God

Anticipation Guide

Chapters 7-14

Use this anticipation guide BEFORE you begin reading Chapters 7-14 of Their Eyes Were Watching God. This exercise will help you draw on your background knowledge and begin to see how your own point of view will effect the way you interpret the text. As a result you will be better able to anticipate the big ideas presented in these chapters.


  • For each of the statements below, check "agree" or "disagree" before reading Chapters 7-14. Be prepared to defend and support your opinions with specific examples. Use the "Reason why" box to explain why you wrote "agree" or "disagree."
  • Discuss your beliefs about these statements with your classmates and teacher.
  • OPTIONAL: AFTER reading Chapters 7-14, go back and review your work here to see if your opinions have changed.




Reason Why

If someone verbally insults you in front of others, it’s alright to verbally and publicly insult them in return.

Anyone who accumulates power in a community has to be self-centered to do it.

It’s okay not to feel sadness or grief if a husband or wife dies.

When a husband or wife dies, it’s better to turn over a new leaf in life.

Attractive, wealthy widows should look for protection from financially stable men.

A woman who is a decade older than a man should not expect to have a romantic relationship with him.

Playfulness is more important than money in romance.

If a woman of higher class marries a person of lower class, there is bound to be trouble.

If a husband or wife steals money from you, it means that he or she is untrustworthy.

Gambling is an acceptable way to make money.

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