Their Eyes Were Watching God
Anticipation Guide

Chapters 15-20

Use this anticipation guide BEFORE you begin reading

Chapters 15-20 of Their Eyes Were Watching God. This exercise will help you draw on your background knowledge

and begin to see how your own point of view will effect the way you interpret the text. As a result you will be better able to anticipate the big ideas presented in these chapters.


  • For each of the statements below, check "agree" or "disagree" before reading Chapters 15-20. Be prepared to defend and support your opinions with specific examples. Use the "Reason Why" box to explain your choice.
  • Discuss your beliefs about these statements with your classmates and teacher.
  • OPTIONAL: AFTER reading Chapters 15-20, go back and review your work to see if your opinions have changed.




Reason Why

If your husband or wife flirts with someone else, it’s a sign that your marriage is on unsure footing.

It is possible to identify more with people of a different race than with people of your own race.

Racism between people of the same race is worse than racism between people of different races.

A powerful black person who gains the approval of white people is of no help to black people.

Extreme weather is no reason to risk losing money.

It is acceptable to kill another person in self-protection.

Juries usually sympathize with women more than men.

If you don’t want to talk directly to the people who gossip about you, it’s alright to ask a friend to talk for you.

After people die, they live in spirit in the hearts of those who loved them.

If you find what you’ve been searching for, you will gain peace of mind.

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