A series of excellent lessons on the Constitution from Andrew Pass's Civics Curriculum. Each lesson contains clear objectives, the length of the lesson, a list of the materials that are needed, procedures, and a list of references for the lesson. The lessons cover a variety of topics including the Framers, Causes of the Constitution, different Articles in the Constitution, and how the Constitution is interpreted today. These are well-organized, challenging, and engaging lessons that are ready to use in a secondary classroom to teach students valuable information about the Constitution.

Collection Contents

Section A: Causes for The Constitution: Early American Influences—Cause and Effects; Centralized Power Struggle; Government—Federal and Local Constitutional Considerations Section B: Essence of The Constitution: Inside the Constitutional Convention; Checks and Balances—Separation of Powers; The Judicial Branch; Honorable Mention—The Supreme Court and The Justices; Judicial Review—Marbury v. Madison 1803; The Executive and Legislative Branches; How Congress Works; Right to Privacy—Fourth Amendment of the Constitution; Section C: The Constitution Today: Causes Then Effects Today; The Bill of Rights, As They Matter Today;
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Justice in America

by Andrew Pass

Students consider the nature of justice!!
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