Alanine - The second simplest amino acid, but used the most in proteins.
beta-Alanine - The only naturally occurring beta amino acid.
Arginine - Amino acid often used at the active sites of enzymes.
Asparagine - Amide derivative of aspartic acid.
Aspartic Acid - Important intermediate in the citric acid cycle.
Carnitine - Unusual amino acid that carries fatty acids into mitochondria.
Citrulline - An amino acid that works to detoxify and eliminate unwanted ammonia.
Cysteine - Thiol containing amino acid involved in active sites and protein tertiary structure determination.
Cystine - Oxidation product of cysteine that holds proteins together.
gamma-Aminobutyric Acid - Decarboxylated amino acid that helps you chill out.
Glutamic Acid - Negatively charged amino acid found on the surface of proteins.
Glutamine - The only amino acid with the ability to easily cross the barrier between blood and brain tissue.
Glutathione - Small peptide that helps dump free radicals.
Glycine - Simplest amino acid that also acts as a neurotransmitter antagonist.
Histidine - Amino acid responsible for histamine biosynthesis.
Hydroxyproline - Important amino acid used in structural proteins like collagen.
Isoleucine - Hydrophobic amino acid used almost exclusively in protein and enzyme construction.
Leucine - Another hydrophobic amino acid used almost exclusively in protein and enzyme construction.
Lysine - An essential amino acid with a positive charge on the aliphatic side chain.
Methionine - An essential amino acid that helps initiate protein synthesis.
Ornithine - Critical member of the amino acids in the urea cycle.
Phenylalanine - Most common aromatic amino acid found in proteins.
Proline - Cyclic aliphatic amino acid used in the synthesis of collagen.
Serine - Amino acid alcohol found in the active site of serine proteases.
Taurine - Mercaptan-containing amino acid that is involved in bile acid biochemistry.
Threonine - Amino acid alcohol involved in porphyrin metabolism.
Tryptophan - Aromatic amino acid used the least frequently in proteins.
Tyrosine - Hydroxyphenyl amino acid that is used to build neurotransmitters and hormones.
Valine - Hydrophobic aliphatic amino acid used to hold proteins together.

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