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The most complete and interactive Algebra course, developed by over 100 Algebra teachers and used by millions of Algebra students worldwide. The Algebra Genie gets you learning quickly while having fun. Developed using the latest in game mechanics, we have spared no cost to make sure we have the best learning app covering Algebra!

Over 250 interactive and dynamic lessons, covering all the important Algebra topics, to get you into college quickly!

Topics covered:

01. Algebraic Expressions
02. Exponents
03. Linear Relations
04. The Pythagorean Theorem
05. Function Basics
06. Functions
07. Quadratic Functions
08. Absolute Function
09. Square Root Function
10. Step Functions

    1. Exponentials & Logarithms
      12. Factoring
      13. Systems of Equations
      14. Conics

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