This curriculum emphasizes a multi-representational approach to algebra, with concepts, results, and problems being expressed graphically, analytically, and verbally. It develops algebraic fluency by providing students with the skills needed to solve equations and perform important manipulations with numbers, variables, equations, and inequalities. In addition, the course develops proficiency with operations involving monomial and polynomial expressions. The main unifying themes of the course include understanding, writing, solving, and graphing linear equations, systems of linear equations and inequalities, quadratic equations, and rational equations. Upon completion of this course you will:

  • Perform operations with real numbers
  • Simplify and evaluate algebraic expressions
  • Use equations to solve word problems
  • Graph and solve problems involving inequalities and absolute value
  • Graph and solve linear equations
  • Solve systems of equations
  • Solve many types of real-world problems
  • Factor polynomial equations
  • Understand relations and functions
  • Solve quadratic equations
  • Work with radical expressions and rational equations
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