Students will compare, contrast and evaluate two paintings from the Post Impressionist period and the Fauvist period. This project will involve research and critical analysis skills of Henri Matisse's "Green Stripe" and Van Gogh's "Self Portrait". Students will also have to formulate an evaluation method to determine which painting is of greater worth in the eyes of the student and defend their reasoning and choice.


The best way to do this is to do the Google search yourself using the search word listed. Make sure you do the image
search to find a large file so you can see it “up close and personal”. These two artists fall into two different categories of art.

The paper will should be typed and double spaced with a header containing their name. The students may submit a hard copy or via email.


The Process

Write a one to two page paper that includes:

- a brief paragraph describing the characteristics of the style van Gogh is associated with.

- a brief paragraph describing the characteristics of the style that Matisse is associated with.

- a brief paragraph comparing Matisse’s treatment of the woman with van Gogh’s treatment of himself in your own
words. Describe and similarities and differences in style and technique that you notice. Rank which one, in your opinion
is better than the other …or not art at all…support your opinion based upon your concept of art.


The instructor will follow up the assignment with a roundtable discussion. Special emphasis should be on the process in which they evaluated the "worth" of each painting. Also during the discussion the instructor should note the differences in each student's analysis of the paintings. The instructor may follow up with a discussion of the techniques of both artists and develop a vocabulary list from the discussion. Recap and correct any misinterpretations of the students' research on both the Fauves and Post-Impressionism.

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