The main objective of this activity it to encourage the students to craft argumentative essays in response to certain questions based on what they already know and from their own experiences.

Step 1

Ask the students to get a sheet of paper and to write down a meaningful question which they have not yet answered in their life.
Give them 5 minutes to do so.

Step 2

Collect the papers systematically and distribute the paper among the students at random. Ask the students to answer the question they received. Give them 10 minutes to do their essay.

Step 3

Request for volunteers to read their answers in front. Take note whether their essays contain a claim, an argument, examples and a conclusion. 5 students will do.


After the activity the teacher must be able to emphasize that essays would be more compelling if it contained the basic elements of an argumentative essay namely, the claim, argument, example and conclusion. The teacher should be able to convert one of the earlier essays recited orally into the prescribed format so that students would be able to appreciate how the presence of such elements can enhance their essays.

Before the end of the class collect the papers again and ask the students to get the question they wrote earlier and compare how the answer they got fared with the prescribed format. They should be made to realize that having such elements greatly enhances the compelling force in their essay.

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