1. Have all the students sit in a group in the center of the classroom/hallway
  2. On one side of the room, hang the “TRUE” sign. On the opposite side, hang the “FALSE” sign.
  3. Read one of the given statements about taste to the students. Give them about 5 seconds to determine the answer and run to the correct sign.
  4. Read the correct answer and explanation. Have the students return to the center.
  5. Repeat until all the statements have been read.


  1. Different nutrients have different tastes. Some nutrients taste better than others.

FALSE! You cannot taste nutrients. They are flavorless.

  1. There are invisible things called taste buds on your tongue that allow you to taste different flavors.

TRUE! Taste buds are tiny organs found on the tongue that sense different flavors.

  1. You have ten taste buds on your tongue.

FALSE! You have about 10,000 taste buds on your tongue.

  1. Taste buds can taste only four different flavors.

TRUE! The four main flavors are sweet, salty, bitter and sour.

  1. Adults have a sharper sense of taste than children.

FALSE! Children have a sharper sense of taste than adults do. As we grow, our taste buds become dull as they are used more. We can lose taste buds as we get older.

  1. If we do not like the taste of a food as a child, we will always not like the taste of it as an adult.

FALSE! As your taste buds become duller, you will like different flavors.

  1. Your taste buds for tasting salty and sweet flavors are found on the front tip of your tongue.

TRUE! Sour flavors are tasted on the sides and bitter flavors are tasted on the back of the tongue.

  1. Girls usually have more taste buds than boys do.


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