Module Introduction
This module is the fourth from Curriki’s Problem Solving through Computational Thinking for Educators: Online Professional Development Training for Middle and High School Teachers ( 

The course is aligned to Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) K-12 Computer Science Standards 5.2 Level 2: Computer Science and Community, as well as Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core Mathematics.

Module Overview
This module introduces the concepts and processes of abstraction and pattern generalization, the third step in Computational Thinking. Examples of abstraction are shown and resources for teaching abstraction skills in the classroom are introduced.

Module Instructions
Tips for course completion:

  • Open or print out the “Take Home Messages” page to follow along as you watch the video
  • Take the time to watch the video—you may want to pause and visits some of the resource links as you watch
  • Complete the short Self-Evaluation—click on the link and save the PDF to keep your answers
  • Check your understanding using the Self-Evaluation Answer Key—click on the link to view the PDF
  • Join the Curriki Group for the course ( to discuss any questions or comments you have with other teachers and share your experiences in teaching using Computational Thinking
  • Submit links to new resources you might come across that help teachers and/or students learn about abstraction and pattern generalization in Computational Thinking

Abstraction and Pattern Generalization Video (9:43)

Click on the following link to open an editable Self-Evaluation PDF.

Answer Key for Self-Evaluation
Click on the following link to open and/or download the Self-Evaluation Answer Key PDF.

Try the resources in this collection to expose your students to the concepts of Abstraction and Pattern Generalization.

Take Home Messages 


Link to Final Module 
Algorithm Design (

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