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Lesson 2.4 Muslim Empire (Layered Curriculum Day 4)

Unit 5: Genocide

Medieval vs. Renaissance Art

Introduction We are creating this web quest because it is a requirement for our EDM 300 class here at West Chester University. This class calls for us to strive to integrate technology into the classroom. We are secondary education majors and our subject of study is history, this is why the topic we chose is the Holocaust. This is a sad moment in time that we all found equally interesting.WWII and the Holocaust are two major topics in history, so we found that this would be a interesting and factual topic for a webqest

In this lesson students will get into groups of three and it will be their responsibility to take on three different points of view to create ways to report factual information back to Americans on life in concentration camps. After completing this process your group will come together to come up with a presentation to give to the class. Using the three different points of view your group will create a news cast to send home to Americans to educate them on your findings. Using the power point presentation and the podcast it promotes creativity and cooperation. The use of the journal requires higher cognitive levels of learning.


This lesson is suited for eleventh and twelfth grades social studies and history classes. This lesson involves many different learning techniques that span across social studies, writing skills, and technology. This lesson is geared towards the upper secondary grades because of the graphic content involved in the research required for the project. This project can be adapted to ninth and tenth grade social studies levels at the digression of the instructor. The learner will need to know some background information regarding WWII and the Holocaust. Prior skills that would be beneficial to the lesson include: how to use Microsoft Powerpoint and prior use of audio editing software such as garageband and audacity would be most beneficiary to the progress of the project


PDE Academic Standards for History

8.1.12. B Synthesize and evaluate historical

-Different historical perspectives

8.1.12. C Evaluate historical interpretation of events

-Impact of opinions on the perception of facts

-Issues and problems in the past

-Multiple points of view

ISTE's Education Technology Standards for Students

1 Creativity and Innovation

b. create original works as a means of personal or group expression.
2 Communication and Collaboration

a. interact, collaborate, and publish with peers, experts, or others employing a variety of digital environments and media.

3 Research and Information Fluency

b. locate, organize, analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and ethically use information from a variety of sources and media

Reflection on Standards

A list of objectives that students will master by the end of the WebQuest.
Indicate how they fulfill each of the standards selected.

8.1.12.B The students need to take on multiple roles when completing this assignment. Since there are three different characters, the prisoner, the Nazi Officer, and American Solider, multiple historical perspectives are being used

8.1.12.C Since the students must give the perception of the three characters, the perception of facts will be different for each person. The student will learn how history is observed in multiple perspectives and perception of facts. The students are emerged in a turbulent time in history and will learn about the problems faced during Nazi Germany and concentration camps during WWII. Multiple perspectives need to be used in order to complete the task at hand.

ISTE"s Education Technology Standards for Students

1b. This project requires the group to present a powerpoint presentation as well as a podcast. The groups are able to explore their own creativity when accomplishing these tasks.

2a. This project requires group work throughout the course of the assignment. Group work is needed to create the powerpoint presentation as well as the podcast

3b. This project requires students to locate, organize, evaluate, synthesize, and effectively use the information found on the resource websites to maintain a particular perspective. Effective use of the websites is required to ensure accuracy.


Materials needed to implement this lesson:

-Internet access to the webquest

-Access to Microsoft Powerpoint

-Access to audio-editing software such as garageband or audacity

One teacher is sufficient in order to implement this lesson. Since the lesson involves both individual and group work, the students are very capable of accomplishing this task with and without the teacher present. Teachers and aids can be used to answer questions in regards to the topic at hand.

For this web quest the students will be put in groups of three and will have to give a presentation to the class using the technique of a news cast to send home information to Americans to educate them on what they have learned about the holocaust. In order for this to be successful, students must complete their new cast that demonstrates that they have a strong understanding about their topic, and that the news cast was educational enough for the rest of the class to have learned something about the groups topic. For this web quest each student was given a different point of view that each was responsible for. They also had to complete a journal that was to be done individually and also graded individually. If each student did not learn about their topic or their individual point of view they would not be able to successfully complete their news cast. Through out this web quest student had to explore and use new sources of technology to complete their news cast and the web quest as a whole.

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