Students should get a container or box to gather items that are important to them. These items could be pictures, toys, a piece of a blanket, journals, postcards, travel brochures.

An example is decorating a large pizza box with pictures of childhood. Inside making a paper pizza of what is important to them.

Group Size: Any

Learning Objectives:

Students will generate ideas for their own personal narrative. Students will share memories that they will use in their writing.

Guiding Question:

Hold items from the collection and look at it for memories. Have the students hold the object, close their eyes, and see what comes into their memory.

Have them ask: Where did you get this item? Who gave it to you? Did it ever get lost? How does it make you feel?



Students self-select items that are meaningful to them.


Explain and model a collection of memories for students to generate stories. Show them a collection of your own memories in a box or container. Pull each item out and explain why it is important to you.

Give the students the job of creating their own memory box that they will share with the class. Student directions are: Decorate a box with memory items that will generate stories.

Students could also decorate a bag and put items in a bag that are meaningful to them.

Enchanted Learning gives details on making a Memory Box


Students will bring in a container with items that are memorable to them. They will explain why the item is memorable to them, either in front of the class, with the teacher personally, or a pair and share with a partner.

Benchmark or Standards:

Identify and describe the structure, elements, and purpose of a personal narrative.

Apply a variety of pre-writing strategies in order to generate, sequence, and structure a personal narrative.

Be enthusiastic about writing and learning to write.


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