"A Lion to Guard Us - Lesson Plan Aid for Book Punch" contains a welcome to the Book Punch online teaching tool and curriculum integration ideas for teachers. The guide provides detailed information about the the most popular element of Book Punch -- the guided writing prompts and comprehension questions that students answer in their own words when using the site!

Introduction to Book Punch
Book Punch guides students through the steps of thinking and writing about well-known core literature. Students write paragraphs responding to interactive writing prompts. The program tutors students to develop ideas and organize their thinking about what they have read.


In the story, Amanda has to make a very important decision for herself and her sister and brother. Amanda's decision, to search for her father in America, was one that changed the lives of the children forever. We make many decisions each day. Most of them are not as enormous as Amanda's, but they are important to us. For example, we may decide to try to reach a particular goal or to try to do something challenging. Write a paragraph about something that you decided to try for.

A small object can bring comfort at a time of stress and change. In the story, the children carry a special object with them to America. Write a paragraph about this object and its importance to Meg, Jemmy and Amanda.

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