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Lesson 2.4 Muslim Empire (Layered Curriculum Day 4)

Unit 5: Genocide

Medieval vs. Renaissance Art


Good morrow young sirs and ladies! This morning when you woke up and looked around you realized that you are not in the year 2009 and in your own bedroom, but that you are in the year 1200 AD and in a bed that is not your own! Next to you you fine one of your classmates and realize that somehow you are both stuck in medieval times. Around you are castles, knights, and horses. You heard phrases like Huzzah and see Jesters performing for the Kings and Queens of your new location. You both decide to take advantage of this situation and explore your new surroundings. However, in order to get back to the year 2009, you must live two days in the life of a person of medieval times. Take advantage of everything you see and hear, the things you do, the clothes you wear, the food you eat, and anything else that you participate in while living in the year 1200 AD. Read on to find out your exact task and find ou more about life in Medieval Times!

Now that you are back in the year 2009 your classmates have a ton of questions for you about medieval times and and your week in the life as a person of the year 1500AD. Your task is to keep a journal for everyday of the week that you were "living" in the year 1500 AD. After you complete and turn in your journal, you and your group will need to perform a short play or skit to the class to describe to them what you experienced. Your play will need to be not only entertaining but also informative. You will be acting out what you did the week that you were stuck in 1500AD. The play and journal entries will include the things you saw, the clothes you wore, the food you ate, the job you had, the house you lived in, what type of school, if any, did you attend, and what you did in your free time. You must have the proper vocabulary in your skit, using old English, include costumes, and at least two props. The props can range from food you have baked, or a game that hey played in medieval times that you have demonstrated to the class. The play must be at least 5-7 minutes long and no longer than 10 minutes. Each journal entry must be at least 1.5 pages long, typed, and all entries must be bound together and turned in before your play begins.

Group Size: Small groups

Learning Objectives:

This lesson is designed for a fifth grade social studies class and involves language arts and writing as well. It can also be done for a sixth grade level class. Prior to this lesson the students will need to have a basic knowledge of the middle ages as well as a knowledge of how to write a proper script.

The students will be able to construct a script containing accurate facts of how life was lived during the medieval times and middle ages period.

The students will be able to understand the differences, disadvantages, and advantages of living life now versus living life in the middle ages.


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