Paint a brief picture of the era during the years the bridges were built between 1910-1926 in Portland, Oregon. Next discuss the numerous bridges that do exist, but then focus on specifically four bridges: Hawthorne Bridge, Steel Bridge, Broadway Bridge and Burnside Bridge. In addition show the three types of bridges: bascule, vertical lift and swing.

Group Size: Any

Learning Objectives:

The students will be able to identify the four bridges built in Portland, Oregon betwen 1900-1926.

Guiding Question:

What are the names and locations of the four historic bridges built between 1910 - 1926 across the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon? What are the 3 types of swing bridges?


The Portland Bridge Book by Sharon Wood Wortman



1) First discuss the history of Portland, Oregon by using the website attached. Next show the 10 plus bridges that cross over the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon. This can be shown by using google earth as it fly's over on the Willamette.

2) Next use the "The Portland Bridge Book" to share pictures on an overhead of the historic bridges.

  1. show the bridge on google earth
b. show pictures on an overhead of specifically the 4 bridges built between 1910-1926. These will include original pictures filed with the Oregon Department of Transportation Willamette Riv er Bridges Recording. c. discuss what type of bridge it is: bascule, vertical lift or swing. d. show pictures of the 4 bridges on (Hawthorne, Steel, Broadway and Burnside)

3) Reinforce how three of the mentioned bridges have been nominated for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.


Students will be able to match the name of the bridge, location of the bridge, year built and the type of bridge.

Answer Key or Rubric:

1910 Hawthorne Bridge - Vertical Lift 1912 Steel Bridge - Vertical Lift 1913 Broadway Bridge - Bascule 1926 Burnside Bridge - Bascule


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