Use the following resources to help you answer your questions and complete your projects. The sites have a great deal of information so you will need to be very focused to look for information that answers your questions. Work to cross reference your findings to check for the validity of the provided information especially in using the Web sites. As always, start your research using the materials provided by our library media specialist.

Library Books> The provided books cannot be checked out so use your time wisely in the library.
Online Library Databases> Access the databases provided through the library portal.
Textbook> Use the chapter on the Middle Ages in your textbook.

Web Resources>

Sites Giving Broad Background-

Middle Ages Portal
Middle Ages Overview
Wikipedia Britain in Middle Ages Portal
Mr. Donn’s Directory of Sites
History for Kids (Brief descriptions)
Medieval Life
Map of Europe in later Middle Ages
Flow of History: High & Later Middle Ages (select the “FC# hyperlinks beside each topic)
TeacherOz Site (extensive directory of sites)

Life in the Manor-

Classes and Roles
Life in England
Life in a Castle
Village Life
The debate about Feudalism
Questioning Feudalism
Castle Life
Daily Life (Directory of Sites- see the navigation bar at bottom of page to go from page to page.)
Role of women
Life in the Middle Ages
Music (listen to a variety of examples)
Clothing II
Castles, Knights & Weapons (Directory of Sites)
Life of a Knight (several links)

The Church-

The Catholic Church
Flow of History: Rise of the Catholic Church
Life in a Monastery
The Church

The Black Death & the Crusades-

BBC covers the Black Death
The Black Death
Spread of the Plague
PBS videos investigating the Plague
The Crusades
About Crusades
Crusades Wikipedia
First Crusade?

Technology and Science-

Examples of Technology
Technology in Attacking Castles
“Destroy the Castle” Game

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