The purpose of this curriculum project is to update the current 7th grade computer technology curriculum to better reflect the 21st century. It is also meant to reflect the relevant skills which come from the most recent technologies that are currently available. Additionally, this curriculum is meant to maintain unity between Grand Avenue Middle School and Merrick Avenue Middle School where the course is taught.

This updated curriculum creates learning standards that allow for additional teacher customization of units and allows for much flexibility in its presentation based on teacher experience and preference. It is designed for use with a teacher website in mind. As each student throughout the course will be exploring web design and using their individual site as a portfolio, the teacher should also be utilizing this dynamic resource as an organizational and instructional tool. As should be expected with the utilization of continually growing modern technology, the curriculum allows for growth with expanding and updated district computer and information resources.

Additionally, including in this curriculum is a unit in which students briefly explore the concepts which are thoroughly discussed in Technology 8. The Introduction to Engineering unit briefly exposes 7th grade students to the concepts mentioned in the Project Lead The Way curriculum while maintaining alignment with the Introduction to Computers curriculum. Although the unit is brief, it will provide them with introductory knowledge that will help them to be more successful in Technology 8.

Finally, this curriculum project is meant to align with newly adopted evaluation standards which gauge teacher effectiveness. This is completed in part through student pre and post examinations meant to measure both student growth and achievement.

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