This is an overview of an extended study of the Day of the Dead (DOD) celebration in Mexico and in hispanic communities in the U.S. The overview has the objectives of the unit as well as thumbnail sketches of lessons 19-35. It also lists useful teacher resources for teaching about the Day of the Dead. There are also complete directions for the following extension activities: 1) Making clay-pot skulls. 2) Making and decorating sugar skulls. 3) Making a DOD mural. 4) Making DOD posters. 5) Student research about the migration of the Monarch butterfly and its connection to the DOD celebration. 6) Discovering cultural celebrations around the world. 7) Student book reports on the Day of the Dead. 8) Planting marigolds as part of the DOD celebration. 9) Making a class recipe book. 10) Exploring DOD music. 11) Making a DOD Powerpoint presentation with virtual ofrendas. 12) Sending DOD e-cards. 13) Student research and poster presentation of Aztec gods. 14) A DOD classroom gallery walk. 15) La Katrina stories and skits.

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