Group Size: Any

Time Required: 60 - 90 minutes

Learning Objective: Students will be able to synthesize their learning from a WebQuest to revise and publish a letter to President Roosevelt from the perspective of an individual living during the Great Depression


Please Do Now (attached)
Web Quest Packet (contained within the Lesson 1 folder)
Composition Paper

Do Now: (Students (S) will begin by completing the Do Now, which requires them to list as many conventions as possible for letter-writing. After allowing students time to complete this task, the teacher (T) will facilitate a pair/share.  T will seize this as a teachable moment if students cannot generate adequate letter-writing conventions.  Suggestions: Formatting, appropriate salutation, appropriate closing, etc.)

Connection: This is our final day for working on our WebQuest projects.  We've done a great job of building and synthesizing our background knowledge, and today you have the opportunity to really showcase what you know by publishing your letters!

Direct Instruction / Guided Practice: According to the pacing guide, which is located on the front of your webquest packets, what are we accomplishing today? (T will take student response. Target: Revising and publishing letters.  Submitting projects.)

Link: Please take a moment to turn to page 8 of your WebQuest packet.  (T will allow time.  Then T will ask S to share out the three guidelines for publishing that appear on page 8.)

If you finish before our time is up, please take the time to look over your work to check for content, organization, spelling, mechanics and neatness.  Consult those rubrics one final time!

If you do decide that you are satisfied with your project, I expect that you will move on to reading your literature-circle or pleasure-reading novels without my asking you to do so.  

(T will distribute composition paper and paperclips at this time.)

Independent Practice: (S will revise and publish letters. T will circulate to respond to student questions and to ensure that all students are on task.)

Share/Closing: Our writing and reading time is up for today.  Today you may choose whether you'd like to share your writing with your table partner or whether you would prefer to talk about what you read today during your reading time.

(T will allow time and circulate to ensure that talk is accountable.)

Please make sure that your final draft is securely paper-clipped to your packet so that your materials remain together in one tidy bundle.  (T will then facilitate collection per class procedures.)

Differentiation: Literature circle novels are differentiated by reading level and by choice.  Recommended project accommodations are as follows:

1. Extend the amount of time provided for student(s) to complete the project.
2. Read the project questions and/or reading passages aloud to auditory learners.
3. Permit the student to complete the project in a distraction-free environment (ie: a study carrel).
4. Enlarge font size. Consider placing one research question on each page.
5. Highlight project directions or key words in project directions.
6. Provide students with outlines or mind maps to facilitate prewriting instead of asking students to create their own.
7. Permit student(s) to type their responses to research questions.
8. Permit student(s) to type their letters.
9. Decrease the writing requirement for student letters to a three-paragraph response comprising introductory and closing sentences (in lieu of introductory and closing paragraphs)


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