The End


You have done it!! Congratulations! You are done. You have earned your .25 fourth quarter credit.

In order to quickly and efficiently process your certificate of credit, you must send me the following information:

1. Full name

2. The last four digits of your Social Security number.

3. The name and address and fax number of the school to which you want the credit sent.

4. The name of the counselor to whom you want the credit sent.

5. List the three assignments which were the most educational for you. Explain why you liked them.

6. List the three assignments which were the biggest waste of time for you. Explain why they were a waste of time.

7. What things (if any) did you like about the course?

8. What things (if any) need to be changed?

Once I have received the above information, I will forward it to the EHS office and they will send the certificate of credit to your school. The certificate of credit should be sent to your school within ten days however this does not always happen. It is up to you to check and make sure that your school has received your certificate of credit. If they have not received it within ten days, you need to contact the EHS office (801-538-7564).

Thank you!!

Mrs. Hislop

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