Social Studies 7

Unit 5: Genocide

Unit 4: Battles for Independence II

Unit 3: Battles for Independence I

An outline of the unit: Battle for Independence II.

Goals: EU #1: Non-violent protest does more than destroy enemies; it converts others to your cause.

EU #2: True leaders get very different groups of people to work together and look beyond their differences.

EU #3: True leaders are incredibly intelligent, but they also connect powerfully with "everyday people."

Performance Task:

Students will "design" a candidate for president of the United States. This "design" will include an illustration of the candidate's dress: how will the "look" of the candidate appeal to different groups of people in the country? The "design" will further include a resume for the politician: what schools has she/he attended? What jobs? What other elected positions?

Students must take cues from Gandhi in this process: how, in other words, can a politician, through background, school, dress, and speech, unite a disparate public?

This resource is part of Unit 4: Battles for Independence II and the Social Studies 7 course.

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