More Interactions!


Interactions, interactions, and more interactions! Are you sensing a theme here? Earth systems interact with each other. In this almost final assignment of third quarter, you will again describe interactions. This time you will describe interactions between the atmosphere and each of the other spheres. By now you should be an expert on interactions. This will be a quick and easy assignment for you.


Each description should be written in COMPLETE SENTENCES. Do NOT write one or two word answers. In each description, tell me how the two spheres interact and write one or two sentences telling about how the interaction changes the atmosphere.

For example, for my description of an interaction between the atmosphere and the biosphere, I could write the following: Animals need oxygen to live. Oxygen is found in the atmosphere. Animals change the atmosphere when they breathe. They breathe in oxygen which removes some oxygen from the atmosphere and they exhale carbon dioxide which puts some carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere.

Here is the assignment:

1. Describe a way the atmosphere interacts with the hydrosphere.

2. Describe a way the atmosphere interacts with the biosphere. (Do NOT use my animal example.)

3. Describe a way the atmosphere interacts with the geosphere.

NOTE: There are no specific correct answers for this assignment. There is not a place where you can go to find the answers. This assignment requires you to think. Use what you know about the various spheres to answer the questions.

When you have completed the assignment, submit it to me.


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