Republicans and Democrats, business people and environmentalists, scientists and scientists…….all of them have something in common. They all disagree about the Earth’s changing climate. Who is telling the truth? Where is the proof that will tell us what is really happening to the Earth’s climate? In the assignment that follows you will read an article that describes scientists’ efforts to discover what is happening to our climate.

You will need QuickTime viewer installed on your computer in order to view this video. If you do not have QuickTime viewer installed, please click on the following link ? to download a free version of this software.


Read the article found at the following web site and answer the questions below. Use complete sentences to answer the questions.


1. Do scientists agree that the Earth is currently experiencing a human caused increase in the greenhouse effect?

2. Name two pieces of evidence that do NOT support global warming.

3. Why don’t scientists know what is causing climate change?

4. Why is Greenland a better indicator of global climate change than Antarctica?

5. Identify five possible explanations for Greenland’s thinning ice sheet.

6. Why is it risky to make inferences about global climate change from a five year study?

7. Identify three things that scientists use to learn about Earth’s past climate.

8. Identify two things that cause natural climate variations.

9. What does QED stand for and what does it mean?

10. How do scientists prove causation? (Causation is the cause of something.)

11. Why is disagreement among scientists inevitable when discussing global climate change?

12. Identify three ways that technology is used to monitor and learn about climate change.

13. Can two very smart, very good scientists have two very different opinions about global climate change? Explain your answer.

14. The article says that there is no single indicator that will prove or disprove theories about climate change. It says the scientists must reach a consensus about what they think is happening. What is a consensus?

15. If scientists cannot explain what is causing climate change, what good is science? Explain why science is useful even if it does not provide all the answers.

16. Can science prove what is causing global climate change? Why or why not?

Submit your answers to me. Make sure your answers are written in complete sentences.


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