Questions about Sea Level


These days one hears a lot about rising sea levels. Alarmists predict that New York City and Los Angeles will soon be under water as warming temperatures melt the polar ice caps and cause the ocean levels to rise.

This may happen and it may not. Who knows what the future will bring?

While we cannot be certain about what will happen in the future, we are relatively certain about what happened in the past. Geologic records and fossil remnants offer strong evidence that shows how sea levels have changed over the history of the Earth. So what happened? In this assignment, you will be asking the questions.


Go to the following web site and read the information.

Sea Level and Climate

Based on what you have read, write questions for the answers below. That is right! You are to WRITE QUESTIONS. I have written answers below. Write questions for each answer. The answers I write will be in complete sentences. I expect you to write complete questions. Don’t forget to include the question mark!

It is possible to write questions that match my answers that have nothing to do with changing sea levels. Do not expect to get credit for questions not relating to changing sea levels.

  1. They are closely related.
  2. A recent cold period in the 19th century.
  3. It was about 125 meters below today’s sea level.
HINT: The remaining answers are answers to analysis-type questions. The answers are not found in the reading. You will need to read the answers and figure out what type of analysis questions would result in the answers given. In other words, you will have to THINK!

There you have it! You are done with this assignment. Send me your questions. If you have written complete questions that relate to changing sea levels over geologic time, you will receive a good grade.


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