2009 Architecture Challenge: Curriki Honoraria Winners

The two links in this folder will direct you to the Open Architecture Network's web site, where you can learn about the two winners of the 2009 Curriki Honoraria for Most Innovative Use of the Better Classroom Design Curriculum.

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Drishya: Mobile Mandala

by Blake Architecture For Humanity

The guiding vision of the Mobile Mandala is informed by the tradition of Banyan trees being the sustainable classroom of India. This is our ideal form and guiding principle in that tomorrow’s classrooms will contribute to a reforestation of the world and take root in any locality. We believe that the Classroom of the Future must fundamentally revolutionize the paradigm of our built environment. It is imperative for us to adopt a Regenerative Approach to building instead of a resource-intensive and destructive material life-cycle approach.
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