Making a Brochure: 20 Ways to Save Water

Project Description
This was a group project. The unit was developed as part of the Intel Teach to the Future. Students have created PowerPoint presentations in the past, and this year we will also make brochures on "Ways to Save Water". It fits in directly with our Water Cycle unit and will highlight the ideas we read about or brainstormed in class. Students will visit several web sites to take a look at ways we can save water. Students will ask questions about the world around them, and use evidence to construct an explanation. They will use inductive and deductive reasoning to explain their observations and phenomena. The teams collect and share information and ideas about problems such as water shortages and pollution, and then propose and implement solutions. The students seem to be very aware during this unit of how important it is to conserve their natural resources. They get very involved in seeing how much water they can save at home. Although this is primarily a science unit, I also integrate language arts and mathematics with this study of water usage. Students spend a week charting how much water they use at home.

Rubric Information
Rubric Title Ways to Save Water
Rubric ID 90524
Teacher Name Ceil Hunt
School Fair Haven Grade School
Subject Science
Grade 3

Project Includes

Standards NS.K-4.1: Science as Inquiry
NS.K-4.3: Life Science
NS.K-4.4: Earth and Space Science
NS.K-4.6: Personal and Social Perspectives
Teacher Tips We have not yet created a brochure with students this age, and it will definitely be a group project, but the multimedia presentations they make are always very successful. I usually have students create artwork depicting the water cycle and then teach them how to scan them in. We have also had students create their artwork in Kid Pix and/or Paint.

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