Assignment 1.2

Have you ever noticed that every teacher has different rules and expectations? It is so easy to get confused and “off course” when trying to navigate different classes in this “river” we call the Electronic High School. This assignment is designed to help you “stay on course” in Earth Systems.


1. What is the name of the textbook for the course?

  1. Earth Systems Science
b. Getting to Know the Earth as a System

c. Eating Elephants for Energy

d. There is no official textbook.

2. During this Earth Systems science course, I will be:

  1. taking field trips
b. doing experiments

c. reading and writing

d. all of the above

3. In order to receive credit, I must:

  1. do all of the assignments. I will not receive credit unless I satisfactorily complete ALL of the assignments.
b. earn at least 60% of the possible points.

c. send Mrs. Hislop chocolate.

d. complete as many assignments as I need to in order to earn the grade that I want.

4. All assignments are labeled. Assignment 1.4 means:

  1. First quarter, fourth assignment
b. Fourth quarter, first assignment

c. Fourth inning of the first game in the play-offs

d. Part four of assignment one

5. To find out my grades I:

  1. Click on Student Tools on the left side bar and then click on “My grades”.
b. Click on Information on the left side bar and then enter my name.

c. Email Mrs. Hislop and ask her to look up my grade.

d. Click on Groups, enter my name, and then record whatever grade I think that I earned on the assignment.

6. To submit an assignment I:

  1. Email the assignment to Mrs. Hislop
b. Send the assignment to the EHS office.

c. Give the assignment to one of the science teachers at my school.

d. Decide not to do the assignment and tell Mrs. Hislop that I sent it to her but it must have got lost in cyber space.

7. If I submit an assignment that is incomplete or unacceptable, then Mrs. Hislop will:

  1. Return the assignment to me with instructions on what needs to be done in order to earn credit for the assignment.
b. Return the assignment with a big fat LOSER written on it and drop me from the course

c. Give me a failing grade on the assignment.

d. Contact my parents.

8. If I get a low score on an assignment and I want to improve my score, I should:

  1. Contact the Electronic principal.
b. Whine and complain to my friends.

c. Ask my parents to write Mrs. Hislop a note explaining why I should get a better score.

d. Make the suggested corrections on the assignment and re-submit it for a better score. I can always correct and re-submit assignments.

9. All assignments are worth:

  1. 10 points
b. 100 points

c. 5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 points

d. The point value of each assignment varies depending on how hard the assignment is.

10. If I submit an assignment to Mrs. Hislop and it somehow gets lost in cyber space (i.e. for some reason she does not receive my assignment) then I do not have to worry about it because:

  1. Mrs. Hislop is very nice. She will understand and will give me credit for the assignment even though she has not seen it.
b. Things like that happen all the time so it is okay if I do not turn in one or two assignments.

c. Superman will rescue my assignment from the vast voids of cyber space and will submit it for me.

d. I have followed the advice to ALWAYS keep a back up copy of my work. I can simply access my back up copy and re-send the lost assignment.

11. Which of the following assignments would earn a score of 10/10, A?

  1. I did MORE than was required by the assignment. For example, I wrote longer answers than necessary or I included graphics or I used some extra creativity.
b. I wrote a correct answer for every question.

c. I sent Mrs. Hislop pizza AND told her that her children are adorable.

d. I copied the essay from a friend who got a score of 10/10, A, on the assignment.

12. When doing assignments:

  1. I can do the assignments in any order that I wish.
b. I must do the assignments in numerical order.

c. I have to sit in a dark corner and chant “Mrs. Hislop is the greatest teacher in the world” ten times. It is better if I do the chant in Latin.

d. All of the above.


3. If I have a question I can:

  1. Email Mrs. Hislop at. She is very willing to help me.
b. Ask my parents, friends, or a teacher at school for help. They can help me but I will do the actual work myself.

c. Search online for information.

d. All of the above.

Excellent!! Please submit your answers to me.


Mrs. Hislop

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