Lasting Ideas & Results:

Linear Patterns are the simplest pattern and occur daily, including rates of speed, hourly wages, tax, etc. Students will be equipped with a multi-faceted approach to notice a linear pattern, solve efficiently, and analyze the solution. Students will examine situations where linear patterns describe a scenario well and also ineffectively.

Essential Question(s):

What will happen in the future if this change remains constant?

Desired Learner Outcomes:

Students will be able to…Students will know…
predict a future event based upon a linear patternwhy the word 'linear' is used to describe constant change
analyze an experimental method to determine its effectiveness



NCTM Standards for Grades 6–8

Algebra Standard

  • identify functions as linear or nonlinear and contrast their properties from tables, graphs, or equations
  • model and solve contextualized problems using various representations, such as graphs, tables, and equations
  • use graphs to analyze the nature of changes in quantities in linear relationships
Geometry Standard

  • use geometric models to represent and explain numerical and algebraic relationships
Data Analysis and Probability Standard

  • use observations about differences between two or more samples to make conjectures about the populations from which the samples were take
Problem Solving Standard

  • build new mathematical knowledge through problem solving
  • solve problems that arise in mathematics and in other contexts
Communication Standard

  • communicate their mathematical thinking coherently and clearly to peers, teachers, and others
Connections Standard

  • recognize and apply mathematics in contexts outside of mathematics
Summative Assessment(s):

Describe Performance TasksExplain &/or Reference Criteria
classroom discussionanswers included in presentation
individual workanswers included in presentation
homework project - graphanswers will vary, but based upon work in presentation, answers included in next lesson



The presentation (keynote or powerpoint) includes detailed lecture notes with solutions to the problems.

Modifications, Adaptations, & Accommodations:

The homework assignment is open-ended, students may answer the problem using a spreadsheet, poster, or other presentation methods.

Required Attachments:



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