This webquest is for use with lessons 1 - 5 of The Great Depression unit.

Using links provided in the lesson plan and saved as bookmarks to all computers, students will respond to questions about articles, photos and video clips describing life in the 1930s. Following their completion of this research component, students will synthesize their learning by writing a letter to President Roosevelt from the point of view of an individual living during the 1930s. In their letters, they will (1) advise President Roosevelt of the difficult living conditions they are experiencing, (2) report to him the impact, if any, that the New Deal has had upon them, and (3) propose one additional action that the government should take to improve their situations.

Included in this document are a rationale for the project, a brief description of the task, a pacing guide, a rubric, research questions, prewriting space and lined pages for the first draft.

This resource is part of the Great Depression Unit collection.

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