April 24: CCSF, BCC and DVC are applying for the opportunity to work with Myra Snell on accelerating their developmental math sequences through the creation of StatPath classes. This is exciting news for the more colleges that experiment with acceleration models, the more evidence we can draw from as to their effectiveness. However, the true gift is the cross-polonizing that will occur between different StatPath courses.

Mar 18: Thank you to the four colleges who took part in our first StatPath conversation! Our FAQ page has been updated. Two action groups formed. Evergreen and BCC will look into Algebra for Statistics textbooks but will also look into exploratory data analysis textbooks that they can supplement with algebra activities. Cabrillo and DVC are going to look into our LMC StatPath curriculum.


Mar 11: There is now an Algebra for Statistics FAQ page to record questions and responses for our faculty collaboration.


March 7 notes to participants:

If you've had a chance to watch the videos and read the lesson plan, please feel free to email me with any questions or ideas.

If not:  Tom made a tinyurl for the week 1 lessons: tinyurl.com/statpathweek1

For help with logistics in logging into CCC Confer, Tom's cell phone is 562 708 2572. I'll email it again a few days before the meeting.

Links to the three videos:

> Dial your telephone conference line: (888) 886-3951
> Enter your passcode: 974245
> Go to www.CCCConfer.org
> Click the Participant Log In button under the Meet & Confer logo
> Locate your meeting and click Go - it will be labelled as "Bay Area Knowledge Exchange", subtitle "Algebra for Statistics"
> Fill out the form and enter the password: 974245

Tue Rust
Los Medanos College, Mathematics
(925) 439-2181 Ext 3474

For those who wish to read more:

Algebra for Statistics course outline for curriculum submission

Intro Activity on Cereals for Week 1 Lesson 1 (Algebra for Statistics)

Data Analysis Activity on Cereals for Week 1 Lesson 1 (Algebra for Statistics)

Data Set for Cereal data analysis activity for Week 1 Lesson 1 (Algebra for Statistics)

Homework on Breakfast Cereals, between lesson 1 and lesson 2, week 1 (Algebra for Statistics)


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