Educator would need an understanding of the speech and background on MLK. This activity is student centered.

Group Size: Independent learners

Learning Objectives:

The objective of this lesson is for students to gain an understanding of the racial discrimination that African Americans faced. This lesson is typically used as a introduction to a larger social justice unit.


Attached Reading Road Map for each student


I usually preface this lesson by having students write a response journal based on the following:

"Journal: Define racism in your own words. What do you know about racism throughout the history of the United States? When did racism end in the United States? What are some major steps the U.S. took toward ending racism?"

We then do a whole class discussion so that we are all at the same point.


Completion of the Reading Road Map activity

Benchmark or Standards:

Ohio Department of Education

Grade 7 Language Arts

RP7: Monitoring own comprehension

RP 2: Predict or hypothesize as appropriate from information in the text,

RAI 6: Assess the adequacy, accuracy, and appropriateness of an author’s details,

Attached Files:

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